Pulp Hauling

Logging operations run with demanding schedules and conditions. You need a company that will show up, ready to work everyday to get your wood hauled. You will find that the pulp truck drivers at Olynicks are licensed to drive commercial vehicles on normal roadway conditions as well as the unpredictable road conditions into remote logging sites. Our drivers play a crucial role in the pulp and lumber industries, transporting fresh cut pulp logs and lumber to the mills to be made into finished pulp and wood products.

Olynick pulp hauling truckWe provide our pulp trucking services to commercial loggers and land owners that may be participating in a quality timber management programs, clearing acerage to create agricultural landscape, a logging company clearing hundreds of acres and everything in between. Our drivers are knowledgeable in knowing the species of your timber to ensure your contracts are correct and you are paid accordingly.

Olynicks drivers are also known for their safety winning the Acuity Outstanding Safety Performance Award. Our employees inspect their trucks and equipment prior to use and we strongly enforce federal laws with the use of log books to keep our employees, as well as others safe. Safety and customer satisfaction are our priorities.

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