Aggregate Materials

Olynicks offers a wide range of construction and landscaping aggregate materials for commercial and residential use. As always, we are more than willing to provide homeowners with small orders so don’t be afraid to call us at 715-668-5211 or toll-free 1-800-292-0748 for more information on any of the items that we offer or if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for.

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  1. Crushed road gravel in 3/4” or 1 14” sizes (D.O.T. spec)
  2. Breaker run 4” inch
  3. Breaker rock or select crushed 3” fractured stone
  4. Blasted quarry stone in a variety of sizes and 100% fracture count
  5. Washed round stone in a variety of sizes
  6. Washed fractured stone in a variety of sizes
  7. Bedding stone
  8. Bedding sand
  9. Fill material, sandy, rocky, hardpan, clay, etc.
  10. Screened sand
  11. Washed sand
  12. Filter sand (meets spec for mound systems)
  13. Silt sand, clean or dirty
  14. Rip rap in a variety of sizes, quarry and field stone
  15. Driveway stone, rock chips and dust
  16. Pea stone, washed and unwashed
  17. Mason sand, pool sand, volleyball sand
  18. All types of cattle bedding sand
  19. Roofing stone
  20. Boulders 3’ and up
  21. Custom crushing available for hot mix and custom specs
  22. Top soil, pulverized top soil, screened top soil

We also carry a variety of other products from around the state for decorative needs which we store at our concrete plants for pickup or delivery to your site. Orange and red granite, lime stone, lime, lime screenings, rose stone, gray dresser trap rock, and many others.

Olynicks works directly with plumbers, excavators, contractors, governmental bodies (DNR, NRCS and the Federal Forest Service), loggers, farmers, and miners, etc.  If we can’t do the project we work with someone who can. We have a full line of heavy equipment, trucks and operators to make your project a reality.

We are serious when we say that we want your satisfaction to be foremost with the work we do for you. As part of our quality assurance program, we conduct extensive in-house testing for concrete and gravel. We are glad to share the results with you for your project.

Don’t forget that Olynicks covets the small job whether it is landscaping a new house, cleaning up a demo site, or shaping a cow yard, we would love to give you a free estimate on your next project!

Olynicks unloading boulders

Ron Olynick unloading boulders to serve as vehicle barriers at the Jump River Swimming Hole during a community service project completed in 2009.

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