Our aggregate and crushing divisions run hand and hand. Our fleet consists of two full crushing spreads, 20 quad-axle dump trucks, 21 end loaders and many other various units required for mining and excavating rock, sand and gravel.

Our products and services include:

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone is an aggregate produced from bedrock and natural deposits. Production of these products requires blasting and excavating the broken stone from pits and quarries followed by progressive stages of crushing, screening, washing and blending. Our aggregates range in size from rip-rap, where each stone may weigh several tons, to manufactured sand for use in concrete, asphalt, construction and various agricultural applications, The numerous sizes and gradations are determined by their intended use and each complies with specifications established by Wisconsin DOT and customer requirements.

Sand and Gravel

Sand and gravel aggregates are produced in each of Olynick’s 50 gravel pits spread throughout six northern Wisconsin counties (Taylor, Price, Sawyer, Rusk, Chippewa, and Clark). These products are processed by a series of crushing and screening. The aggregate produced is used in the construction of highways, roads, free stall barns for bedding, agricultural and residential construction, and as a base for many other construction products. Our diligent quality control and flexible processing plants ensure that a wide variety of products are available to meet the needs and specifications of state and local engineering firms, as well as commercial and residential contractors.

Olynicks also offers custom crushing.

Need help figuring material quantities? Try this UNIT CONVERSION CALCULATOR or give us a call at 715-668-5211 today.

Olynicks unloading sand

Olynicks unloading sand around the shelter’s concrete slab at the Jump River Swimming Hole during a community service project completed in 2009.

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