Olynicks services include the following:

  • Estimating and project management
  • Excavating
  • Site grading
  • Building and structural excavation
  • Finish grading

We complete our work utilizing the latest technology, equipment, software and GPS, giving us an edge in our industry. Our equipment is operated and maintained by our experienced staff leading to optimum performance.

Our projects also benefit by utilizing our own sand, gravel and materials that are tested by our certified technician. These materials are produced in our own pits conveniently located throughout our service area.  This advantage can help keep your project costs down.

Olynicks is a company you can count on for a safe, on time and on budget excavating project.


Our aggregate and crushing divisions run hand and hand. Our fleet consists of two full crushing spreads, 20 quad-axle dump trucks, 21 end loaders and many other various units required for mining and excavating rock, sand and gravel.

Our products and services include:

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone is an aggregate produced from bedrock and natural deposits. Production of these products requires blasting and excavating the broken stone from pits and quarries followed by progressive stages of crushing, screening, washing and blending. Our aggregates range in size from rip-rap, where each stone may weigh several tons, to manufactured sand for use in concrete, asphalt, construction and various agricultural applications, The numerous sizes and gradations are determined by their intended use and each complies with specifications established by Wisconsin DOT and customer requirements.

Sand and Gravel

Sand and gravel aggregates are produced in each of Olynick’s 50 gravel pits spread throughout six northern Wisconsin counties (Taylor, Price, Sawyer, Rusk, Chippewa, and Clark). These products are processed by a series of crushing and screening. The aggregate produced is used in the construction of highways, roads, free stall barns for bedding, agricultural and residential construction, and as a base for many other construction products. Our diligent quality control and flexible processing plants ensure that a wide variety of products are available to meet the needs and specifications of state and local engineering firms, as well as commercial and residential contractors.

Olynicks also offers custom crushing.

Need help figuring material quantities? Try this UNIT CONVERSION CALCULATOR or give us a call at 715-668-5211 today.

Olynicks unloading sand

Olynicks unloading sand around the shelter’s concrete slab at the Jump River Swimming Hole during a community service project completed in 2009.


With more than 60 years of experience, Olynick Concrete is a leading supplier of ready-mix concrete in North Central Wisconsin. We are called upon to supply high quality concrete for basic infrastructure, including streets, slabs, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, walls and footings. Our concrete is also being used as for the newest decorative trends, being colored, stained, stamped and stenciled.

Ongoing quality control testing services are performed by our ACI Certified technicians. We, at John S. Olynick, are continually evaluating our materials, creating and improving mix designs to  increase our products performance. This is done to create efficiency to our valued customers and contractors.

Our ability to combine the resources of our crushing division, testing services and our four conveniently located plant allow us to provide quality concrete in a timely manner. Our dispatcher is constantly maintaining communication between the customers and our drivers to create efficient deliveries.

Quality products are important, but we also know that the concrete industry is based on our valued customers. Our staff works hard to build strong relationships with our customers by understanding their needs and responding to them quickly and effectively. Our fleet of experienced drivers strive to get products to the job site safely and quickly and agree that customer satisfaction is a key to success.

Need help figuring out how much material you need? Try this UNIT CONVERSION CALCULATOR or give us a call at 715-668-5211 today.

Olynicks preparing to pour concrete

Olynicks preparing to pour concrete for the shelter at the Jump River Swimming Hole during a community service project completed in 2009.

Pulp Hauling

Logging operations run with demanding schedules and conditions. You need a company that will show up, ready to work everyday to get your wood hauled. You will find that the pulp truck drivers at Olynicks are licensed to drive commercial vehicles on normal roadway conditions as well as the unpredictable road conditions into remote logging sites. Our drivers play a crucial role in the pulp and lumber industries, transporting fresh cut pulp logs and lumber to the mills to be made into finished pulp and wood products.

Olynick pulp hauling truckWe provide our pulp trucking services to commercial loggers and land owners that may be participating in a quality timber management programs, clearing acerage to create agricultural landscape, a logging company clearing hundreds of acres and everything in between. Our drivers are knowledgeable in knowing the species of your timber to ensure your contracts are correct and you are paid accordingly.

Olynicks drivers are also known for their safety winning the Acuity Outstanding Safety Performance Award. Our employees inspect their trucks and equipment prior to use and we strongly enforce federal laws with the use of log books to keep our employees, as well as others safe. Safety and customer satisfaction are our priorities.


Olynicks is a leading producer of aggregates, including sand, gravel, base material and decorative materials in Rusk, Taylor, Chippewa, Clark, Price, Sawyer, Ashland and surrounding counties. We have two crushing units that allow us to do custom crushing for customers in these areas as well.

We deliver consistency and quality by providing the majority of our aggregate from our own pits located throughout the area. We have AggTech-1 certified testers and they subject all products to testing at our own facilities, where we perform sieve analysis to ensure that our aggregates meet and exceed industry standards.

We are members of the Wisconsin Road Builders Association and Aggregate Producers which allow us to stay current with the latest technological advances. Awards such as Joseph A Holmes Safety Association for Crusher Safety and Acuity Outstanding Safety Performance prove that we are also committed to the safety of our employees and the appearance of our company.